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About the Artist
Robert Quarterman Mallard Seago, Jr.
The beauty of the Deep South has surrounded and stirred Robert Seago since his birth in New Orleans in 1936. By the age of fourteen he was a student of drawing at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and was soon a prolific artist with pen and ink, pencil, and charcoal. Seago moved on to study etching with world-renowned artist Jim Steeg at the Newcomb College of Arts and Sciences. Himself a founding member of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, Seago painted for ten years in the ‘70s and ‘80s with Auseklis Ozols, founder and current director of the academy.

In the mid-1980s, Robert and his wife, Judith Hopkins Seago, moved to Covington, Louisiana, north of New Orleans. Here Robert continued his career as a painter, immersing himself in subjects ranging from the landscapes of rural Louisiana to Mardi Gras celebrations in the heart of the big city.

When viewing Seago’s paintings, the eye may first be drawn by the artist’s trademark use of light, including the dramatic back lighting in his landscapes, and then focused on details accented by Seago’s technical drawing skills. His use of a unique palette of colors and his skills as a colorist add drama and romance that connect with the viewer’s emotions, while the viewer’s mind will be engaged by the satire and humor that enliven many of his canvasses.

Three nationally acclaimed artists critiqued Seago’s artwork and made very favorable comments. Otis Cook mentioned his sensitivity, Paul Strisik thought Seago had excellent talent and feeling for subject matter, Robert Steedman noted good technique, and Bob Loud, in summary, referred to Seago as a talented artist whose artwork was collectible.

Seago has been featured as a guest speaker at a variety of cultural arts programs in New Orleans, including the Le Petit Salon, the National Society of Colonial Dames, the Orleans Club, and the Round Table Club.
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